Home Technology is evolving rapidly, with new audio, video and smart home products & applications announced every month.  TRENDS provides consumer-friendly overviews of these developments, with updates that are unbiased and to the point. They’ll help you figure out which ones make sense for your home & family.  Here’s a preview of upcoming TRENDS:

BREAKTHROUGH TV TECHNOLOGIES.  Advances in resolution and contrast now provide big gains in picture detail & clarity. Learn about Ultra High Definition (4K) TV, plus the new high contrast technologies: Organic LED, High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV & Local Dimming.

VIDEO SOURCES KEEP EVOLVING. The latest UHD Blu-Ray Players handle 4K content–as well as standard Blu-ray, DVD, and CD discs. Also available are new UHD Streaming devices & services, which provide an ever-expanding selection of visually compelling content.

TIME TO CUT THE CORD? Are you thinking of giving up Cable or Satellite?  Will video streaming deliver the programs you need—plus offer some new favorites?  Learn about the options and trade offs.

THE PROJECTION REVOLUTION. The latest projector and screen technologies deliver large gains in brightness & image quality—allowing much greater flexibility in room layout & lighting design.  Learn about these important projector advances, and the new screen options that support them.

IS YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE OBSOLETE? Video streaming, 4K TV, the new wireless devices, and all the other digital innovations place great demands on home networks & in-wall signal wiring.  To get the most out of these new technologies, make sure your infrastructure is up to speed.

WHAT ABOUT THE INTERNET OF THINGS?  The new IoT devices promise simple smart home solutions at low cost.  But many are confusing to install & use, and may pose major network security risks.  Besides, true home automation is much more than a handful of IoT widgets.

SOUND ADVANCESLearn about Atmos, the superior new surround sound technology from Dolby. Also, compare wired vs wireless Multi-Room Audio strategies, for new vs renovation projects.  Then read about Lossless Audio Streaming.  Home music has never been so easy, or sounded so good.

These and many more TRENDS reports will start posting here soon. Meanwhile, call us with your questions.